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The canyon of the river Vučjanka

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The canyon of the river Vučjanka is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of the municipality of Leskovac, located 18 km southwest of Leskovac. This canyon stretches through the valley of the Vučjanka River, which is the right tributary of the Veternica River. The canyon starts at an altitude of about 500 meters and ends at about 340 meters above sea level.

The canyon is 2 km long and is cut between the peaks of Kitka (988 m) and Samaritz (619 m). There are numerous stone pots, waterfalls and cascades in it, which were formed by fluvial erosion. Special attention is drawn to Gioka’s eddies, well-like depressions in the rocky river bed that extend in steps below one another, from the largest to the smallest.

One of the most important cultural and historical attractions of this canyon is Zelen Grad, which is located on the cliff of the left bank of the canyon, 150 m above the river. This fortified city was built in the Middle Ages, and today it is in ruins.

At the exit from the canyon is the Vučje hydroelectric power plant, which was built in 1903. The canyon of the river Vucjanka is a tourist attraction that attracts many visitors not only from Leskovac and its surroundings, but also from other parts of Serbia. #kanjonreke #vucjanka #leskovac #sharebalkan

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